George Landrith and Rick Trader co-host to discuss Federal debt caused by the numerous stimulus packages!! Manufacturing policy and China!! with guests Rick Manning and Ximena Barreto.


Rick Manning,  a Conservative Commandoes and AUN-TV alumnus and the President, Americans for Limited Government. Rick also served on President Trump’s transition team.  And he is also the author of the new book with Starr Parker — “Necessary Noise:  How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why this is good for America!”  TOPIC: Federal debt caused by the numerous stimulus packages!!

Ximena Barreto,  Business Development Director and Political Advisor at Engineered Tax Services.  She is also the Director of Communications and Grassroots Strategy for Frontiers of Freedom.  She was a grassroots leader of Latino’s for Trump back in 2016. Ximena has drawn staunch opposition from the far Left because she’s a Latina willing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, free enterprise, and the concept that America is an exceptional nation with unparalleled freedom and opportunity for all.  TOPIC: Manufacturing policy and China!!

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