Melissa Isaak and Sharron Angle discuss Rioters’ ‘Defund The Police’ Push Puts Democrat Candidates On Defense!! with guests Susan Crabtree, Ann Marie Hancock, and Karyn Turk.


Susan Crabtree is a White House and national political correspondent for RealClearPolitics where she covers President Trump, his administration and their conflicts with Capitol Hill, the 2020 election, spending battles and national security. She previously served as a senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, and five years as a White House Correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Prior stints include seven years as a senior editor and investigative reporter for The Hill. She is a frequent guest political analyst on Fox News as well as numerous conservative talk radio shows.  Susan has written for several magazines, including The Weekly Standard and The Economist-owned Capital Style, where she was a senior writer. TOPIC: Rioters’ ‘Defund The Police’ Push Puts Democrat Candidates On Defense!!

Ann Marie Hancock is an award-winning journalist, radio and television personality, and talk show host who has interviewed many famous people. She has appeared on Bertice Berry, Rolanda, NBC’s The Other Side, The Angel Show and Inside Edition.Hancock is the author of two previous books: Be A Light and Wake Up America. Her latest book, You Can’t Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral, is based on the three-year journey of caring for her terminal mother and the spiritual as well as practical lessons she learned along the way. TOPIC: “You Can’t Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral ”

Karyn Turk is a political commentator, actor, and news broadcaster.    She is a prominent Trump supporter and has been vocal about her support for Donald Trump on various media interviews. She is married to Palm Beach attorney Evan Turk, and the couple has been involved in fundraisers for Roger Stone and hosted the Roger Stone Legal Fund in March and September 2019.  Karyn’s career started in marketing when she joined CBS Radio. She also worked with  InnoMed Technologies Inc., a medical device company. In 2016, Turk won the Mrs. Florida U.S. continental pageant to mark a milestone in her modeling career. In the same year, Turk got a job as a broadcaster on Eye On channels, a Florida-based news channel.   Karyn was named one of Florida’s Top Power Women and Influencers.  TOPIC: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COVID19 PLANDEMIC. GATES EXPOSED!


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