Value: a person’s principles or standards; one’s judgment of what is important in life.


I value the lives of our pre-born babies who are waiting to discover all that America has to offer them. I believe that only God has the ability to create life and that our children should not be denied the right to experience that gift. However, The Supreme Court has ruled that a woman has the right to choose to end the life of her child but that doesn’t mean that we, as a nation, must value that choice. As your representative, I will demonstrate to our children that we value their lives by not funding organizations who work to terminate God’s gift to mankind.

I believe that we must demonstrate to the children of our nation that we value their lives because one day we will rely on them to value ours.


When America experiences over one million violent crimes a year, including 250,000 cases of rape, it becomes evident that this is not the time to allow the New Democrat Party to disarm the innocent so as to embolden the criminal. Chicago has one of the highest gun violence rates in America despite having the strictest gun control laws. Florida just experienced the lowest gun crime rate in decades despite having some of the laxest gun laws in the nation. What’s the difference? Florida emboldened the innocent by putting fear into the heart of the criminal through its castle laws. Laws that made it difficult to prosecute anyone protecting his or her person, house, papers and effects from theft or death.

“Democrats want us to think we have a gun problem when in reality we have a violence problem. Violence comes from the heart and will occur regardless of the tool used. The solution isn’t to remove the tool from the hands of the innocent. It’s to change the heart of the guilty.” — Homeschool Mom


We don’t need immigration reform. What we need is border crossing reform. The reason America has an estimated 20 million illegal aliens today is that they didn’t fear crossing our borders years ago. Unless we address this one single issue we will always have millions of illegal aliens in our country who are not authorized to be here. Democrats don’t value our national laws and this is why they refuse to enact legislation to strengthen our borders. This failure to secure our borders nullifies any meaningful legislation to address those who have been living here illegally. Immigration reform must start with fixing our borders because all other efforts will prove to be useless.


The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects…

The Fourth Amendment holds special value to my heart because I, too, believe that we have a right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects without fear from government or corporations abusing our trust in them. We should have ALL rights to our personal browsing history on the internet. We should have ownership of ALL of our biometric prints, including the right to be free from corporations tracking us online or offline. Facebook has been secretly fighting state laws that would prohibit them from tracking your facial signature offline as you shop in stores across the nation. The time for talk is over. Now is the time for legislation to secure our private lives from the lustful desires of a government and a corporation.


The problem with Obamacare from the beginning was that its underlying principle went against the principles that have been ingrained into the very fabric of our nation. That principle is the belief that one person can’t be made to pay for another person’s livelihood.

Obamacare created a form of corporate socialism where Obama’s law used essential health mandates as a means to artificially inflate the cost of insurance on you just so that the New Democrat Party could give that same product away to others for free. This is a wicked scheme to provide welfare without calling it a tax, and another means to reduce your expendable income without having to take the blame for it.

By repealing Obamacare and instituting Health Savings Accounts we can reduce the cost of healthcare by almost 50% overnight for the majority of Americans just like you.

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