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As your Representative in Congress from Nevada, I will bring New Angles and solutions to the problems Harry Reid and President Obama have created.

Social Security – As your Representative in Congress, I would make Social Security the intended lifetime investment that must be an inflation-protected, personalized investment, annuity retirement that enables workers to bequeath their savings while offering them protection from the loads, commissions, and fees of Wall Street and insurance companies who will otherwise take advantage of a huge investment pool.

Energy – America’s common sense solution to overcome the energy challenges would keep prices low by using domestic fossil fuels as a bridge to energy independence in combination with developing alternatives that are competitive and allowing our industries to create possibilities when, as your Representative in Congress, I will introduce legislation to get government out of their way.

ISIS, Terrorism and Refugees - America should refuse refugees because there is too much at stake and we need to put the safety of our people first.

Tax Reform–As your Representative in Congress I will introduce legislation to cut lost productivity and costs associated with tax code compliance from simplifying the codes and regulations, cutting the cooperate tax rate, to repealing the Sixteenth Amendment.

Limited Government - Limiting government growth will require the radical reformation of Social Security, Medicare, and our nation’s healthcare system by first repealing Obamacare just as I have proposed here in Nevada.

Economy – Our economy is based on the bedrock of freedom: individual liberty, free enterprise, and sound money. Government does not grow the economy. We, the people, do!

Women’s Privacy –As your Representative in Congress, I will not give government the authority to mandate a man’s choice as a higher priority than a woman’s right to privacy by allowing men claiming to be women to enter women’s restrooms.

The Second Amendment – Universal background checks are a gateway to gun registration, limitation, and confiscation and as your Senator I will fight for our right to keep and bear arms without government infringement.

Secure Borders – As your Representative in Congress and as an American I want secure borders first before any other solutions (and there are many but amnesty is not one) to the illegal immigration problem are discussed.

Government Spying – We have an unalienable right to privacy even from our government which should be focused on criminals not law-abiding citizens by reigning in not expanding the over-reach of the NSA and the Patriot Act.

Sharron Angle IS running for the Unied States House of Representatives in Nevada Congressional District 2. People from around the country, just like you, are helping her win this battle and combat the false media narrative that is trying to silence your voice. If you'd like to join us, please make a contribution today, we could sure use your help.

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