“We Are Not Digital Slaves, You Own Your Own Identity, It Should Be The Law”

Reno, Nevada: – Sharron Angle held a press conference today to introduce the issue of who owns individual personal identity, privacy, and digital slavery. These issues are becoming unknown serious challenges to every American.

Sharron Angle Will Protect You In Congress: ”I will work to protect you, Mark Amodei has not. I will work to make your identity yours by law, Mark Amodei does not know how to do that. I believe, by law, Social Media companies must designate themselves “social forums” for all to have an open conversation or designate themselves “editorial” where they can censor what Americans are saying and thinking, like they have been doing. Americans should know what Social Media companies are before handing them personal information and opinions. That should be law, and Mark Amodei doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. Americans are not digital slaves. The inaction in Congress has allowed the digital slave trade to flourish. Digital Slaves do not even know they are being exploited, and there is currently no legal remedy. In Nevada we’ve been sold out, while Mark Amodei likes to laugh and have a good time. While you are being taken advantage of, he collects special interest contributions for his campaign”, said Mrs. Angle.

Sharron Angle Challenges Mark Amodei To A Public Debate On These Issues: ”This is serious, we have to stop Digital Slavery now, and Mark Amodei is afraid to debate me on these issues. Would someone please ask Mark Amodei why he is afraid to take on the issue of Digital Slavery, instead of always making a joke about issues important to Nevada.”, said Mrs. Angle. “If you want these broken Washington D.C. promises to stop, help me do it. Go to SharronAngle.com and help me win this race”.

Sharron Angle Is A Fighter: Angle fought all the way to the US Supreme Court to preserve the 2/3 vote requirement to pass taxes and fees in the Nevada Constitution and won. There is a balanced approach that needs to be heard in Washington DC, and Sharron Angle is that voice.
For information about this press conference with Sharron Angle, call 775 400-5770.


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