Reno, Nevada: – Sharron Angle, candidate for Congress in CD2, gave a brief interview on the mass shooting in Florida. “The use of suffering to promote an anti-Second Amendment agenda or an anti-Trump agenda is not only insensitive to those who are grieving, it is an outrageous indication of the depths that the progressive left in this country will sink,” Angle said. “We need to ignore this “not letting a crisis go to waste” mentality, and instead explore solutions.”

In a white paper posted on her website, Mrs. Angle detailed solutions citing her teaching and School Board Trustee experience with crimes committed at school.

  1. Crimes should be addressed by law enforcement even crimes committed at school by children.
  2. Schools should be part of a database resource system that tracks individuals who have common violent tendency markers and teams of school officials, mental-health workers and police who investigate threats of school violence.
  3. Schools should promote a moral standard of respect.
  4. Schools should proactively promote self-defense. Teachers and administrators should not be required to leave their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms outside the workplace.

Angle stressed, “Local control is the best control and offers the best hands-on solutions. Restricting gun rights for law abiding citizens is not a solution,” Angle finished by quoting George Washington, “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”

Sharron Angle Is A Fighter: Angle fought all the way to the US Supreme Court to preserve the 2/3 vote requirement to pass taxes and fees in the Nevada Constitution and won. There is a balanced approach that needs to be heard in Washington DC, and Sharron Angle is that voice.

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