“Reforming The Tax Code, Permanently Lowering Taxes, Reducing Government Debt Are What Americans Want, That’s NOT What Politicians In Washington Are Doing”

Reno, Nevada: – Sharron Angle held a press conference today at 2:30 pm, inside the Nevada Women’s Expo, in the Firecreek Shopping Center across from Aaron Brothers, 4813 Kietzke Lane. There are several political candidates who will be at the Nevada, Women’s Expo this weekend..

Sharron Angle Will Find Solutions: ”We are all hoping things are changing in Washington D.C. after all the years of promises. We all want tax reform, permanent tax reform, the elimination of the government debt that will hurt our children even more than it’s hurting us today. Mark Amodei recently voted on a $1.3 trillion budget and tax bills that did none of those things. It is a complete abandonment of Nevada. He did all the wrong things and likes to laugh and make jokes about it. It’s not funny. Mark Amodei did not fix a thing, we all have to go through this same manufactured crisis in September, again. He voted to increase spending $143 billion more over last year, increased the national debt without limits, and he didn’t even read the bill, he can’t read 2,300 pages in 24 hours. Mark Amodei’s vote for this bill will hurt you, and will hurt your children, by borrowing against our future. National debt is paid by everyone. It’s time for an honest discussion about the promises that have been made, and promises that have been broken”, said Mrs. Angle.

Sharron Angle Challenges Mark Amodei To A Public Debate On These Issues: ”I’m ready to debate these issues with Mark, we can have a friendly discussion so that all the voters in Northern Nevada who have to make this decision can understand what the race is about”, said Mrs. Angle. “If you want these broken Washington D.C. promises to stop, help me do it. Go to SharronAngle.comand help me win this race”.

Sharron Angle Is A Fighter: Angle fought all the way to the US Supreme Court to preserve the 2/3 vote requirement to pass taxes and fees in the Nevada Constitution and won. There is a balanced approach that needs to be heard in Washington DC, and Sharron Angle is that voice.

For information about this press conference with Sharron Angle, call 775 400-5770. ###


$1.3 Trillion Spending/Debt Bill Mark Amodei Voted For In March 2018

Mark Amodei voted for higher spending levels by more than $143 billion above the budget caps that have worked

There was no budget process, no amendments, no oversight, no more debt ceiling which is now over $21 trillion. Mark Amodei increased debt on your future and your children’s future.

Voted for Insurance company bailouts for Obamacare that increases your cost for health insurance. Mark Amodei, mysteriously, never talks about repealing Obamacare anymore.

Mark Amodei voted to specifically deny any spending on a border wall for security to help stop the transnational gang invasion and related crime in places like Las Vegas. Mark Amodei did vote for border security, including walls, for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia.

Mark Amodei voted to fund “Sanctuary Cities” that attract illegal immigration.

Mark Amodei did not read the 2300 page record spending bill, he voted with Nancy Pelosi.

Mark Amodei fixed nothing, we all have to go through his same charade in September.

Mark Amodei voted against the advice of the National Security Director Dan Coats, who rightly called the reckless spending and debt a “threat to the economy and national security”.

Mark Amodei could’ve joined 90 other Republicans in the House and 24 Republican Senators and voted no. Mark Amodei voted YES on reckless debt and increased federal spending.

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