Nevadans are Proud of Sharron


When former Gov. Guinn sued the state’s legislature to overturn our state’s constitution Sharron used her personal funds to stop the governor’s tyrannical rule. The state supreme court reversed its ruling and restored the constitution back to the people. For her heroic act, Sharron was presented with the Ronald Reagan Freedom Medallion.

When Nevada passed the largest tax increase in our state’s history Sharron stood strong against the establishment and called them out for their heartless vote of adding historical financial burdens on our great citizens. That year a majority of candidates who voted for the tax increase were removed from office by the people of Nevada, except Rep. Amodei because he was not challenged. Now, it’s time to remove him as well.

When Nevada’s political establishment started abusing the rights of Nevada’s parents, Sharron spent years working to reverse that abuse, which eventually lead to the passing of S.B. 404. This bill “recognizes parents’ rights to direct the education of their children and their full responsibility to determine how their children are being educated…. It also forces the school district to give the parent a written acknowledgement that serves as a Proof of Compliance with Nevada’s compulsory school attendance law.” —HSLDA

One of the most amazing parts of the bill is the religious freedom clause that states, “…no regulation or policy of the state board, any school district or any other governmental entity may infringe upon a parent’s right to educate his child based upon religious preference…”

Sharron Angle has called Nevada home for the majority of her life. Born in Oregon, Sharron and her family moved to Reno when she was three years old. It was in Reno that her family owned and operated a small motel. She later earned her BA from the University of Nevada Reno. Sharron married Ted Angle in 1970 and together they have two children and nine grandchildren.

Sharron and her husband spent 25 years in the rural Nevada towns of Ely, Winnemucca and Tonopah. She taught as a substitute teacher in public schools, taught community college art courses, co-founded, and taught K-12 in a one-room Christian school, home schooled, tutored juvenile offenders, and operated a family fitness gym.

Sharron served in her first elected office in 1992 when she was elected to the Nye County School Board. Sharron and Ted then moved back to Reno where she served from 1998 to 2006 in the Nevada State Assembly. Today Sharron is the author of 3 books and owns a small business in Reno.

Sharron is now back in the fight doing what Sharron does best, and that is moving our country in the direction of individual liberty and freedom.


Governor signs Sharron’s SB404 Nevada Homeschool Freedom Act into law

“Sharron, Sharron, she’s great!” Donald Trump


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