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“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”
Dwight Eisenhower

The word “value” is defined as a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.  The problem with Obamacare from the beginning was that its underlying principle went against the princples that have been ingrained into the very fabric of our nation. That principle is the belief that one person can’t be made to pay for another person’s livelihood.

The middle-class and seniors are now financially overwhelmed by the oppressive mandate that they carry the burden to pay for everyone else’s healthcare. Socialism has never prospered the people it ruled over, nor has it brought about the scientific breakthroughs that our country has witnessed over the last 200 years.

It is the value of the individual pursuit of liberty that propels me to stand up and encourage our leadership to fulfill a promise they made in good faith to the American people.  That promise was to end the unjust law of Obamacare.  It’s time we make good on that promise.

“When Congress voted to pass the AHCA bill they agreed to artifically increase the cost of healthcare insurance on all of us just so that they could give that same product away to others for free.  This lack of moral courage and character is what brought us Obamacare in the first place.  The American people need a voice and a vote to repair the damage done by President Obama. A vote to faithfully repeal Obamacare and not to just rename it.  A voice to help educate a younger generation on what it means to be an individual who will take their place in society and provide for their own household and discover the beauty of owning their American dream.” —Sharron Angle

Without fair and honest elections, our form of representative government cannot exist. After the 2020 election, the cancer of corruption has spread to the degree that America became another country where it doesn’t matter who votes but who counts the vote.

Stolen Choices: A Documentary  gives a brief history of election corrumption in the United States, how it happens, and what you can do about it. Get your copy now.




“If we stay with Obamacare, within a few years tens of millions will have no insurance at all that is even remotely affordable. Aetna, Humana, and other major insurers in just recent months have fled Obamacare. The Titanic has hit the iceberg and it is rapidly sinking, yet the left and the media keep fiddling on the deck. They act as though this can be fixed with “minor reforms,” but there aren’t enough bandages in America to stitch this back together.”
— Stephen Moore

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